Wooden Wedding Signs

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If you’re planning a rustic wedding celebration (or any kind of marriage ceremony outdoors in and among nature and greenery), we highly recommend our Wooden Wedding Signs as decorative accents to your big day. These signs can function as directional helpers for your guests, welcome signs that show off the happy couple, or simple decorations that add to the theme you’ve chosen. When placed correctly and used in conjunction with a coherent design style, these wooden wedding signs can take your ceremony to the next level.

A Treasured Wedding Gift
Normally when we think of wedding gifts, we imagine wrapped presents off a registry that guests give to the bride and groom for opening after they get back from their honeymoon. But that doesn’t always have to be the case! If you’re in the bridal party or you’re close to the engaged couple, why not make your wedding gift an actual part of the ceremony?

Now, granted, you need to make sure you’re on the same page, style-wise, with the bride and her wedding planner. But as long as you feel confident that you’re on a similar wavelength, you can surprise them with one of our wooden wedding signs; we’re certain that they’ll find a lovely place for it at the ceremony!

Not Just for the Day of the Wedding
If you’re designing a wedding ceremony for you and your soon-to-be-spouse, you may be annoyed at how much money you’re spending for things that are only going to be used for a single day. Maybe only a single hour! We get it. On the one hand, that’s why we strive to keep our prices affordable even for those couples on a budget. Secondly, you’ll find in our collection several pieces that will make lovely keepsakes long after the wedding is over. These signs pay tribute to your love and will go charmingly in your home as a reminder of the day you made it official.

Phrases and Quotes
Few subjects have been written about as extensively as marriage and love. It is seen to be one of the greatest emotions a human being can experience, and there’s no shortage of phrases and quotes that pay homage to that wonderful honor. For that reason, you may want to look at wooden wedding signs that take those timeless quotes and turn them into artwork that can add color and life to your marriage ceremony. It’s normal to be stressed out and nervous on your big day; wouldn’t it be nice to be surrounded by messages that remind you of what the day is really all about?

Choose Personalized Wooden Signs for Your Decorating Needs
We specialize in providing hopeful couples with the wooden wedding signs that will make their big day complete. We have the experience and the know-how to craft signs you’ll love – both on the day of the wedding and for many years after the final piece of cake has been eaten. Don’t leave your decorations to chance: Trust the professionals at Personalized Wooden Signs to get it right the first time.