Wood Address Signs

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Wood Address Signs are a practical and easy way to add style to the outside of your home. Our personalizable numbered plaques make it simple for you to choose exactly what you want, apply it to the exterior wall of your home, and have an easy reference point for anyone trying to find you! But these wood address signs are about much more than pure functionality. Yes, it’s always nice for people to be able to see your address at a glance, and you’ll be much more likely to get your Doordash order with minimal hassle, but that’s only the most basic benefit. We’ve collected some of the best styles and designs so that you can turn your address into one of the biggest selling points of your external décor.

Choose Your Custom Size and Height
Not everyone wants their wood address signs to be identical in size and height. What may look terrific on a coastal beach house may not look so great on the outside of a cozy cottage. You can follow a few simple guidelines to determine the right size for your own house.

One, take a look at houses similar to yours in the area. Note the size of their address numbers (if they have them) and see for yourself if you like the way it looks in proportion to the rest of the house’s features.

Two, check with your local post office to see if there are any regulations you need to adhere to when choosing the size of your wood address sign. You may also want to check with your HOA, if applicable.

Three, figure out where exactly you want to mount the numbers. This alone can give you a ton of valuable information when it comes to choosing the size, height, and even the design of your wood address signs.

Finally, consider the most fundamental question: How far away from the road is your house set? Obviously, the most important consideration when choosing the size of your address numbers is that it be visible to passing cars. As long as you meet this essential criteria, everything else should easily fall into place.

Choose the Style of Your Wood Address Sign
We’ve assembled a diverse collection of wood address signs in many different colors and styles to make sure that our customers have a veritable buffet of options from which to choose. But we get it: All of these options can quickly become overwhelming. Many of our customers go with simple, basic colors – natural/stained wood finishes, black, etc. – but you don’t necessarily need to go that route. If you do choose a colored sign, just make sure that it contrasts with the color of your house in such a way that the numbers are still clear and visible.

With just a bit of planning and creativity, you can turn these wood address signs into a major focal point of your exterior design. We’re happy you chose Personalized Wooden Signs as your provider for quality wooden products – thanks so much for being a great customer!