Decorative Wooden Letters

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Whether you’re ramping up to create a family-friendly DIY craft, design a sign for your business, or put a new spin on home decorating, our Decorative Wooden Letters can give you the custom-cut foundation you need to see your creativity through to the end.

– Custom options mean you have full freedom of choice
– Letters crafted to the highest industry standards
– Customer service reps standing by to answer all of your questions
– Perfect for home or business use
– Put the finishing touches on a farmhouse style

Stay Current with the Latest Trends
At Personalized Wooden Signs, we pride ourselves in providing customers with products that hearken back to an earlier age. That said, we go out of our way to stay current with the latest trends. It just so happens that these seemingly-contradictory missions have dovetailed perfectly to meet the moment. After all, what design trend is more popular these days than farmhouse chic? Homeowners all over the country are using decorative wooden letters to spell out simple words and phrases on their walls. It’s a classic way to design your home and there’s no substitute for the simple, minimalist charm it adds to every room.

Fun and Inventive Uses for Decorative Wooden Letters
When it comes to using decorative wooden letters, there’s no shortage of inspiration on the internet. In addition to design blogs and photo albums where creative homeowners show off their skills, we’ve been astounded by some of the projects our customers have shown us. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, someone will come along and blow us away. We’ve seen our letters used as decorative accents in wedding celebrations; we’ve seen them used to add interesting touches to a staid office design. We’ve even seen kindergarten teachers use our letters as the basis for a classroom craft! The question is: How will YOU put our decorative wooden letters to use?

Choosing the Right Size
It can seem challenging to determine what size letters you need for your desired purpose, but there’s actually an easy trick that you can use when you need a visual aid. Simply take sheets of paper and tape them to the wall where you would like to hang your letters (if that’s what you intend to do). If you hang the pages vertically and you like the way they fill the space, you’ll know that you need decorative wooden letters that are approximately 11 inches tall. From there, it’s easy to adjust up or down based on your specific needs.

Excellent Quality at an Affordable Price
At Personalized Wooden Signs, we strive to provide customers with the highest quality standards while maintaining affordable prices that make our signs and letters accessible for homeowners on a budget. With a customer support staff that is second to none, we hope you’ll make us your go-to source for decorative wooden letters and any other wooden art you need to transform your home. Thanks for shopping with us!